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How do I know if I am a good candidate for LASIK Eye Surgery?
A complete eye exam will confirm whether you are nearsighted, farsighted and/or have astigmatism. Dr. DiStefano, our highly qualified ophthalmologist, will determine your candidacy for LASIK. Generally, patients who are 18 years of age or older, have healthy eyes that are free from retinal problems, corneal scars, and any eye disease are candidates. The best candidates are people with a lifestyle or occupation in which they are dissatisfied with their contact lenses or glasses.

Can I have Lasik if I have previously had RK?
Lasik can be done very sucessfully after RK surgery. As with any surgery a full eye exam must be performed to determine if you are a candidate. I have sucessfully performed several thousand lasiks after RK.

If I have an astigmatism, am I a candidate for Lasik and will it fix my astigmatism?
Lasik can correct high degrees of astigmatism with precision. Once corrected, in the majority of the people the astigmatism is prenatally resolved.

As I'm getting older I have a harder time focusing on images that are up close. Can Lasik help this?

Lasik can help patients over forty by correcting the dominant eye for distance and the other eye for reading. This is called monovision and works extremely well when using the eyes together. It does take some adaption before the brain ignores the slight difference between the two eyes. We have literally thousands of extremely happy monovision patients.

Does LASIK hurt?
No. The LASIK treatment itself is painless because we put numbing drops in your eyes to make you even more comfortable. You will feel pressure on and around the eye during the treatment. With LASIK, some patients may experience a feeling of "something in my eye" for a day or so after treatment.

How long does LASIK take?
In our practice, LASIK is performed as an office procedure i the comfort and convenience of a laser eye surgery suite. The entire treatment takes about 5 to 7 minutes per eye or approximately 15 minutes for both eyes.

What if I am really nervous?
A mild sedative is given prior to surgery to encourage relaxation during the procedure and sleep afterwards. Dr. DiStefano and our technicians talk throughout the procedure to put patients at at ease.

What credentials should I look for in my ophthalmologist for LASIK surgery?
LASIK is performed on the cornea; therefore, knowledge of the cornea is critical to the patient's well being. It is important to confirm the credentials of your surgeon. Make sure he or she has SPECIALIZED TRAINING in CORNEA surgery.


Which laser do you use and why?
Dr. DiStefano uses the ALLEGRETTO WAVE™. View the numerous benefits of this technology.

What about recovery?
Recovery is QUICK! Day of surgery, most patients will experience irritation with a slight burning sensation and some tearing, which is why sleeping for the remainder of the day is recommended. These symptoms go away within hours and your vision begins to clear. Generally, the day after surgery your vision will be remarkably clear and symptoms are gone. Bathing or showering can typically resume same day, while being careful to avoid getting soap or water directly into your eyes. Avoid rubbing your eyes during the first month after surgery.

How long will I need to take off work?
The majority of patients can return to work the next day, depending on your work environment.

How soon can I drive?
Typically - within a day. However, it is recommended that you begin to drive when you feel confident that your visual acuity allows you to drive safely.

How soon can I exercise?
Active sports should be postponed for two weeks to allow the eyes to heal - unless the surgeon approves protective eyewear. Swimming, hot tubs, and saunas should be avoided for two weeks.


Is the Effect of LASIK Eye Surgery Permanent?
Yes. After an initial healing period of two or three months, the effect of the treatment is lifelong. Some patients' eyes may change throughout their lifetime, which can happen with glasses or contact lenses as well.

Are both eyes done at the same time?
Typically, both eyes are done on the same day, which decreases the feeling of imbalance when one eye still needs correction. Some patients prefer to have each eye done on different days.

Will I need glasses or contact lenses after LASIK?
The goal of LASIK surgery is to reduce your dependence on glasses and/or contact lenses. Generally, patients under 40 years of age read well without glasses following LASIK. Patients over 40 years of age may need magnification for reading fine print as LASIK does not correct or prevent presbyopia - the natural weakening of the focusing muscles that occur in our early to mid 40's. A nominal percentage of patients wear a thin pair of prescription glasses for night driving.

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