How LASIK Can Be Life Changing

“Wow.” That’s the reaction of many patients after they have LASIK vision correction. Because LASIK surgery can allow patients to have dramatic, almost-immediate improvements in their vision, the results can be, well, eye-opening.

Imagine being able to see clearly from the moment you wake up, without glasses or contact lenses. Imagine being able to take part in outdoor activities or sports, without worrying about your sight. Consider the freedom that comes from improved vision, along with enhanced confidence, comfort, and productivity. LASIK vision correction provides a boost to patients’ quality of life, and it may also provide the ability to enhance work performance and careers.

DiStefano Eye Center has performed more LASIK procedures in Chattanooga, Southeast Tennessee, and North Georgia than any other local ophthalmology practice. In fact, Dr. Deborah DiStefano performed the first LASIK procedure in our area. Since then, DiStefano Eye Center has been a leader in bringing new LASIK technology to Chattanooga and Cleveland.

Today, LASIK technology has advanced to the point where every procedure performed at DiStefano Eye Center is customized to the patient’s individual eye structure. Computer mapping of the eye before LASIK surgery gives the surgeon a precise picture of how the laser should be directed to make corrections.

A Femtosecond laser is used by the surgeon is able to create a tiny flap in the patient’s cornea.  The laser makes a very precise flap that heals faster and makes it easier for the surgeon to reshape the cornea. The cool light of the laser works quickly without heat that could impact the surrounding eye tissue. A second laser is then used to make the coreneal adjustments.  The procedure is usually done in a matter of minutes.

Then, after a brief healing process, most patients are recovered and can see clearly–many of them seeing well for the first time in their lives.

That’s where the “Wow” factor comes in. The difference is so dramatic, many patients can’t believe it at first. Then they wonder why they didn’t do it sooner.

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