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Eye Exams

Distefano Laser

Comprehensive Eye Exam at DiStefano Eye Center.

A comprehensive eye exam is the foundation for the proper care of your eyes. At DiStefano Eye Center, your exam will typically include a medical history, report of current symptoms, functional vision tests, an assessment of your refraction and an inspection of the different structures of your eyes to determine your eye health status. All of these elements are important to present a complete understanding of your vision and to determine if additional specialized tests are required.

Once your examination is complete, we will discuss our findings with you in detail, answer all your questions and schedule or perform any additional testing that is necessary. If you have a vision problem or eye diseases, we will review the latest correction or treatment options with you. Medical science has produced a great many new treatments in the last few decades that make many of these conditions very responsive to treatment with great results.

Who should have an eye examination?

Everyone should have periodic eye examinations as part of an overall focus on disease prevention. Many eye diseases do not have symptoms until they have progressed to a significant state. Also, a thorough eye examination can identify other disease conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and Multiple Sclerosis.

Regular eye examinations take on additional significance in the following situations:

  • You have a family history of eye disease
  • You are experiencing blurred vision, changes in your vision, eye pain or other symptoms
  • You are over 60 years old
  • You have diabetes or high blood pressure
  • You take medications that may have visual or eye related side effects
  • You have had an eye injury or eye surgery
  • Your child is performing poorly at school or is experiencing a learning or reading disability

Do I really need to have my eyes dilated?

Dilating the pupils of your eyes is important because it allows us to do a complete evaluation of the inside of your eyes. The drops temporarily double the size of the pupil, allowing for a three dimensional inspection of the anterior chamber of the eye. Abnormalities which indicate disease processes such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and retinal disorders are easier to recognize. Your ability to change focus is also temporarily impaired, allowing us to identify the best possible prescription without compensating for the focusing ability of your eyes.

Since your eyes are temporarily more sensitive to light, it is a good idea to bring sunglasses to wear for a few hours after your examination. Having alternative transportation arrangements is also a good idea.

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