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Posterior Capsulotomy

Distefano Laser

The eye’s natural lens is encapsulated. If the lens becomes cloudy because of a cataract, it can be removed and replaced with an artificial one. Cataract surgery is one of the most common and most successful procedures performed in the U.S., and for most patients, it is the only treatment needed to fix clouded vision.

During cataract surgery, exceptional care is taken to protect the capsule and keep it intact for the new lens. In some instances after surgery, the posterior capsule can also cloud, affecting the patient’s vision. This may develop months or even years after the surgery, but it does occur in a certain percentage of patients. When it does happen, a posterior capsulotomy is performed using laser surgery to correct the condition.

Laser treatment to correct posterior capsule clouding is done by using a carefully aimed beam of light. The laser makes a very small opening, which allows light to enter. The change in vision can be immediate and dramatic.

Posterior capsulotomy is sometimes called a YAG Laser Treatment because of the equipment used.

Should you experience cloudy vision after cataract surgery, consult your doctor immediately. The sooner the condition is address, the better the chances of restoring clarity.

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