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LASIK vision correction can be a life-changing event. With the freedom allowed by better vision, often without glasses or contacts, LASIK patients try new things, have more confidence, and can become even more productive at work. LASIK is a very common procedure, and there is plenty of information about it online.

There’s also plenty of information here at DiStefano Eye Center, and we’ll share it with you for free.

We offer a free evaluation to anyone who’d like to learn more about LASIK vision correction and what it can do for you. We’ll sit down with you, explain the procedure in detail, and look at your personal history, so you can have an understanding of what the possible outcome could be should you choose to have LASIK vision correction. You’ll walk away knowing how LASIK works, how you would take care of yourself after the procedure, the things you’d be able to do should you not have to worry about glasses or contact lenses, and how much the procedure might cost (including your financing options).

You’ll be able to think about LASIK, do more research on your own if you like, and make the right decision for yourself about if and when to proceed.

DiStefano Eye Center has done thousands of free consultations over the years, and Dr. Deborah DiStefano has performed more LASIK procedures than anyone in the Chattanooga area. The consultation is free. You’ll get all your questions answered. You’ll have a sound understanding of what LASIK can do for you.

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LASIK could mean a major life change for you. And we’ll show you how–for free.