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When the eye’s natural lens become cloudy, then surgery is performed to remove the cloudy lens and replace it with a clear artificial lens. The replacement, called an intraocular lens (IOL) can provide you with clear vision again.

Through the years, IOL technology has improved dramatically. Initially, IOLs could only focus to a single distance, so the surgeon and patient would work together to determine what distance would best fit the patient’s lifestyle. For instance, if the patient did a lot of up close work (reading or knitting, for example), then the distance would be set close. If the patient played golf, the distance may be set for far clear vision. Glasses would be used to help the patient compensate.

But today, IOLs are capable of so much more. Premium IOLs can mimic the eye’s natural lens and change focus to multiple distances. This means that the patient can see both at a distance and up close. Premium IOLs can even help correct conditions that the patient may have had before surgery, such as nearsightedness or astigmatism.

DiStefano Laser Center in Chattanooga offers a variety of premium IOLs, including TECNIS, ReSTOR, and Crystalens. These premium lenses can give you a more flexible lifestyle without the need for glasses. In some cases, a cataract patient who needed glasses before surgery may not need them afterwards.

And DiStefano Laser Center takes advantage of laser-assisted cataract surgery to offer more precised results.

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